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Four Non-Boring Spring Hair Ideas to Try

March 10, 2018

Four Non-Boring Spring Hair Ideas to Try

Are you looking forward for a fresh look this Spring? Here you have four ideas for non-boring spring hair!


  1. Platinum Blonde

Grab your nearest bottle of peroxide (or schedule an appointment with a trusted hair colorist) and go platinum blonde! If blondes have more fun, can you imagine the life you’ll lead with platinum hair? That has to be, like, eight times more fun.


  1. Funky Bangs

We’ve answered your biggest bangs question time and time again. Yes, you should get them.. Mix it up and go for an alternative to the classic blunt cut. Try some side swept bangs, colored bangs, or messy Bardot bangs.


  1. The Middle

This classic but retro look that brings all the attention to the star of the show: your face.


  1. Accessories

Yes, accessories are very important to make you hair look great this spring! Scrunchies, clips, berets - the invasion of the ‘90s are definitively cool even those days! Use them for  a unique look!

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